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In this section, you will find publications prepared by APIC related to the APIC Auditing Programme. Those documents can be downloaded as a pdf file.

"How to do" - Interpretation of ICH Q7 document & "Review Form", version 13, January 2020
The new paperback will be sent to all the participants of the ICH Q7 Training Courses 2020 after the event has taken place.  


Auditing Guide, 2016

  • Appendix 1 - Auditing Guide, Questionnaire
  • Appendix 2 - Auditing Guide, "Aide Mémoire"
  • Appendix 3 - Auditing Guide, Audit Report Template

Audit Programme, Version 5, July 2017

All documents can be found here: http://apic.cefic.org/publications.html